Some Writers Manage To Sell Over A Million Of Their Books In Their Lifetime...
A New Twist On An Old ?Secret? Enabled Me To Do It In A Little Over 24 Months...

Dear Frustrated Publishing Friend;

I'm going to show you how you can quickly and easily create your own simple booklets and publications. Not only that, but I'll show you how you can sell more in a single year than most authors will in a lifetime! I know that sounds hard to believe... but it's 100% true.

There's no shortage of "How-To," self-publishing information on the market today. Unfortunately, most of these products present a complicated, involved process with so many variables - you wind up mentally drowning in a sea of unusable information.

These products often create more questions than they answer! The real questions are, what money-making topics can YOU write about?

  • How do YOU market them?
  • How do YOU find a hungry, ready-to-buy market?
  • How do YOU find the time and energy to create your own product?
  • How can you make REAL money... and how can you make it - fast?

I know exactly how you feel. I too have purchased product after product and secret after secret... only to discover I was going in one big circle.


I love simplicity. The less steps, the better. When I first stumbled across a formula for selling a LOT of my little publications in a hurry - I admit - I did have my doubts. I had my distractions, too. That?s because all of this happened for me right in the middle of the Internet boom of the late 1990's. Stocks were soaring.

Everyone was concentrating on web site design, script installation, automating their marketing machines, etc. Who thought about getting rich with little booklets? Thankfully, I did! I wrote my booklet in a single weekend. And a week later, I sold 6,000 copies. I found an untapped market and had developed a simple, yet effective way of selling thousands upon thousands of my simple, no-frills booklets to it.

Then, I repeated the process over and over again.

My system is very simple. It's a combination of information and inspiration - working together.

Here's how it works; my booklets help non-profit organizations and big companies MAKE MONEY. That's why they send, sell or give them to their supporters, members and workers. So, instead of buying one booklet, they buy thousands. That's the secret. I sell more products in a single sale than most publishers do in several years!

And I do so with a small 'handful' of clients.

Less clients, less hassles, bigger profits in a shorter period of time.



Jimmy's methods are really easy to understand. I wrote my first booklet based on an old article I had. I did the whole thing in less than one week with Microsoft Publisher. After that, I sold a little over 300 copies of it to raise money for our youth group's trip. My booklet was entitled; A Parent's Guide To Understanding Their Teenagers.

Mandy Harris - Sarasota, FL


Think about it for a moment, big publishers sell their titles in bulk to bookstores. It's worked that way for years. Yes, you can buy a single copy directly from the publisher in some cases. But that's not where the money is for the big-time publishing houses.

Big publishers sell their titles to bookstores and retail stores. In other words, they deal in volume. Using my methods, you'll do the same thing. The only difference is, you'll be selling your publications to organizations and businesses.

Instead of mailing a single copy at a time, you'll be mailing a case at a time - over even more. Think about it... instead of delivering one product, you can deliver hundreds... even thousands in a single order!

That's the way this business works. That's why it's far and away... "The World's Most Perfect Self-Publishing Business."

In this special report you'll learn:

  • How To Use My Creative Marketing Strategies To Sell Thousands of your "little publications.
  • How To Create "Quick Cash" For Non-Profit Organizations With Your Publications.
  • The Secrets Of Self-Motivation And How To See Your Project Through To Completion.
  • How To Find Companies and Organizations Who Will Buy Your Products.
  • Why You Need To Create Publications With BROAD Appeal (forget about niche markets with my system).
  • How To Market To Non-Profit Organizations, Understand Their Mentality, And Say Exactly What They Need To Hear. (Miss this and you're out the door)
  • Easy "Lazy-Man" Techniques For Researching Any Subject You'd Want... Whenever You Want.
  • An Action Plan To Get Started IMMEDIATELY In The World's Most Perfect Self-Publishing Business.


Jimmy Krug is the "Godfather" of 21st Century Self-Publishing.  I created 3 booklets in a very short period of time using Jimmy's bookstore research method.  In the past, it took my a year to write something.  Now, I can do it from start to finish in a week.  Currently, I have two organizations looking to purchase a few hundred booklets!

John Bernhard - Toms River, NJ


Listen my friend, selling products online is great. But don't forget, there's still a literal FORTUNE to be made offline. And believe me, in a lot of cases, it's infinitely easier to make than it is online! Is it a coincidence that so many ebook authors and online marketing experts have disappeared off the online "radar?"


They went back to making MONEY offline. When you get right down to it, you wouldn't be too disappointed if you were selling hundreds or thousand of "real paper" publications every month, would you? Hey, at least you wouldn't have to sift through 100 emails a day, design web pages, upload files, configure scripts, etc., etc.

Don't get me wrong, you can do well online selling products and services. But you can do fantastic in the "real world," too. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


Instead of filling a 200-page e-paperweight with a bunch of fluff, graphics and filler... I've created a very special - special report to get you started in the exciting business of booklet publishing.

You're not going to find my kind of "publishing secrets" anywhere else on the net.  In fact, I have several special reports so to be released... and each of them has been designed to help you with a different aspect of this amazing publishing business.

So the question is; how much is this information really worth?




Actually, the information alone isn't the issue at all.  All that matters is what YOU do with it.

So, here's what I'm going to do for you.  I'm going to take myself out of "business mode" for a moment and step into friendship mode.  That's because I KNOW you can succeed with this business.  And I want you to get started RIGHT AWAY without money being an issue.

And so... I'm going to give you a jump start into The World's Most Perfect Self-Publishing Business for only ?

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Jimmy Krug's Guide To:
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